Top 7 Reasons To Stay Away from Hard Water

Have you noticed that no matter how many times you clean your bath fittings, they get the dirty rust stains? Or the water heating equipment does not work properly? This may be caused by hard water.

Let us first learn what does Hard Water mean? In simplest words, Water with high amounts of Calcium, Magnesium or Ferrous Iron is considered as Hard Water.

A major percentage of the human population does not have easy access to fresh drinking water. Although, Calcium and Magnesium are necessary for the proper functioning of the human body but in many parts of the world hard water poses real challenges for the local population and governments.

The hardness of local water supplies depends on the source of the water. It varies from region to region.

What are the top seven reasons to stay away from Hard Water?

Prolong exposure of Hard Water could have negative implications on your health and home. Here is a list of seven such effects:

  1. Many international studies have concluded that regular exposure to Hard Water has the most severe health adversaries in the form of cardiovascular diseases.
  2. Hard Water is also associated with High Blood Pressure. So, if you want to keep your heart healthy, you must have a water softener system installed.
  3. It may have adverse effects on reproduction capacity in adults.
  4. Drinking hard water can cause certain types of cancer.
  5. Soap and other cleansing products do not dissolve easily in hard water. Thus, it is hard to get lather and rinse it well. This may cause skin irritability, eczema, and dry skin. As the hard water does not mix well with the shampoo, the residuals of shampoo are left in the hair. It may cause damage to hair.
  6. A heavy presence of hard water can cause clogged supply pipes. This would interrupt with the capacity. And finally end up in leakage, broken appliances or high energy bills.
  7. Hard water leaves dirty stains on bath fittings and fixtures. A thick scale of stains on bathtubs, sinks, and showers make them look dirty and often leads to inefficient drainage.

How to deal with Water Hardness?

A temporary hardness of water could easily be removed by boiling it. But, for checking the permanent hardness of water you need to have Water Softener System installed.

Water Softener System Review – With many Water Softener System options available in the market, one can easily be confused. Most water softener systems use ion exchange technology to remove excess calcium and magnesium. The system comes with the necessary pieces of equipment. It will help increase the life of your plumbing and appliances. And you will have fresh softened water to drink all the time.